Mother Daughter Health & Bonding Program

Mother Daughter

Health & Bonding Program

As mothers, we set the tone for the family. When we eat well, exercise, and feel confident, fit, and strong, our daughters will emulate our habits and grow with confidence and a healthy self-image. 

If you want to inspire your daughter to a lifetime of being fit & healthy, and give her the gift of celebrating her body, then this program is for you.

  • Spend more time with your daughter

  • Have more fun with your daughter

  • Get stronger

  • Feel empowered about food choices

  • Learn more about nutrition and food

  • Sleep better

  • Reduce stress

  • Feel better about your body

  • Have more energy and focus

  • Begin to eat healthier

  • Improve your body-image

  • Improve your daughter`s body-image

  • Connect with your daughter on a deeper level

  • Instill confidence and greater self-esteem in your daughter

  • Inspire your daughter to live a healthier, happier life

Each week will include:

Video Workout

Weekly workouts for you and your daughter to do together. Workouts will use bodyweight, sliders, a ball, or yoga movements.

Nutrition Topic & Recipes

Each week you and your daughter will learn about nutrition topics, complete food challenges, prepare meals, and try new recipes.

Conversation Starters

Each week you and your daughter will bond over certain topics, journal and share ideas, and discuss important issues.

The Program

This program is designed to educate, inspire, and empower mother and daughter to lead a healthier lifestyle. These 6 weeks will create a stronger body, improve your knowledge of nutrition, AND increase your bond with your daughter.

The program is structured around 3 fundamentals;
Fitness, Nutrition, & Conversation

What to expect:

Once you register for the program, you`ll have access to the private online platform.  Once you login, you`ll find your schedule for the next 6 weeks!

Each week you will have a new workout video to follow together; the workouts require minimal equipment and can be done from home.

You and your daughter will also learn about nutrition, try new recipes, and complete challenges in the Program Workbook.

Important conversation topics, as well as reflection questions in the workbook, will challenge you and your daughter to share thoughts, insights, fears, and opinions that will bring you closer together.

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We designed this program for busy moms who want to get in better shape, feel stronger, eat better, and teach their daughters to do the same.

Mother Daughter
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Mother Daughter Bonding Program