Men’s Soul Sanctuary Retreat


Relax, Restore and
Re-align at the
Soul Sanctuary

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Soul Sanctuary Retreat

Find grounding, connect with nature, get primal, and step further into your masculine

This retreat was created for men to experience a safe and sacred space to release their burdens and stressors, face insecurities, and find balance between their feminine and masculine divine.  By combining the transcendent powers of reiki, cold plunging, breathwork, sound bath and a guided inner clearing session, this retreat is designed to improve sleep, libido, communication skills and confidence while opening up the chakras, remove blockages and uncover your path and purpose.

Ticket Details:

The day will begin with brunch and get to know each other, start with reiki and soul journey with Rick, followed by breath work, cold plunge and then cacao

Upon arrival, we will begin with brunch, connection, smudging ceremony and pull oracle cards

Our special guests will guide you as you release that which no longer serves you, and stand strong in your power, peace and place on this planet. This is a deep personal immersion for the soul, body and mind that will leave you with a clarity that has you feeling lighter, happier and stronger!

A delicious, homemade seasonal lunch will be provided and enjoyed by the fire as we embrace the 4 elements that bring us into balance - earth, air, water & fire.

Throughout the afternoon we will dive into the cold, cleansing and purifying; embrace the warmth with a guided breathwork session and finishing with a sacred cacao ceremony

Men's Retreat
Price: $254.25
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You and your fellow brothers will be surrounded by wilderness as you tap into the thoughts, emotions, desires, and fears that you keep hidden. As men, you carry particular burdens, often lacking a safe place to share your emotions and struggles. This retreat was designed to allow you to face your insecurities and release your stressors